Our Unique Formula


Our unique formula of two powerful pain relievers
plus a low dose of caffeine brings fast pain relief.

Safe & Effective For Everday Use

Vanquish has been a trusted product since 1964 – vanquishing pain from headaches and body aches. With slightly lower, but still highly effective, levels of aspirin and acetaminophen, Vanquish has the right combination for pain relief for headache and general aches and pains. Aspirin works at the site of pain and functions as an NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and helps reduce inflammation. Acetaminophen blocks the signal of pain in the brain for fast relief. Caffeine helps boost the function of these pain relievers at levels that are half of what is found in Excedrin. It is the right combination, at the right levels, for great pain relief.


Blocks the pain signal to the brain for fast relief.

Aspirin (NSAID) Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug

Helps reduce inflammation at the site of pain.


Boosts the function of Acetaminophen and Aspirin at a safe and affective level.

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This pain reliever is the perfect combination of pain relief & a little caffeine for those migraine-starting head aches. This is always my "go to"!

D. S. Feliciano