S.E. Berger
This is the only headache remedy that actually works for my husband's recurring headaches. Many of the buffered headache remedies still bother my stomach, but not these. I highly recommend this product.
Pansy Jones
For years my mother used Vanquish and kept telling me it was the best. I finally listened and YES, it is the best.
It is the fastest acting overall pain reliever my family has used. It is the best pain reliever for arthritis, toothache, headache and sore muscles.
Amazon Customer
This is the ONLY pain med that works for my headaches! I was told this was the best by a friend and he was right. I can't recomend this enough - if nothing else works for you, try this
Charles M.
This is the best OTC medicine for headaches. It works well for general aches and pains, also. My wife and I have used Vanquish for over 40 years.
healthy girl
Whenever anyone in my family gets a headache or other minor aches and pains we always take a couple of Vanquish. We haven't found anything that works as well without the side effects associated with other meds with caffeine.